Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Best Practices: Employees Part IV

One final article on employees and then we are on to accounting!

So you have researched what you need to do to be an employer, spent the time crafting the position you are going to fill, interviewed and hired the best candidate-now what?  Now you need to make sure that the training continues.  Employees need regular performance reviews to continue to grow and develop.  An employee should have a performance review at least once a year, preferably more often than that. 

Using the job description you created for each position, ask the employee to rate him/herself on each task.  Then, do so yourself and compare the answers.  Make sure you let the employee knows what he/she is doing right as well as what areas need improvement.  Be specific: don't say reduce the amount of accounts receivable that are over 60 days.  Instead ask the employee to make weekly phone calls to accounts which are overdue.  Problem solve together on how to improve performance. 

Employers can also ask employees what the employer can do better!  Creating and maintaining a positive environment is a best practice for any business.  Employees are often the face of your business so make sure they are presenting themselves and your business in the best light.

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