Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Things I am not good at

I was just reading a blog with ideas for writing a blog.  As any of you who write blogs know, the hardest thing about writing a blog is finding ideas.  The article claimed to have 93 business blogging topic ideas.  It didn't really, but it had some topics to get a writer started, at least.

One suggestion was to write about something you are not good at which I thought was interesting. I am not good at reading tax codes-they give me a headache and this is why I am a managerial accountant, not a tax accountant.  I am not very good with technology issues so I wish we had an IT department.  I am not good with insects or rodents.  We had a mouse in our house a few years ago and I actually jumped up on a chair and screamed when I saw it, to my chagrin.  I like to follow the rules and to maintain order although I am trying to learn to be more flexible.

One thing I have learned as I have matured is that it is ok to admit when you don't know something or you were mistaken about something.  One thing I have not learned is how to forgive myself when I make an error.  When someone else makes a mistake, I always reassure them that it is ok and I generally am sincere when I say it.  Most of the people I know are hard working and conscientious and any mistakes are not due to carelessness.  I would say the same is true of myself, but I just really struggle when I do make a mistake.  I worry about it endlessly instead of just looking to see if anything needs to be done to correct it and if anything can be done in the future to prevent a similar error. 

Any suggestions on how to get over your own mistakes?

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