Wednesday, August 20, 2014

How to communicate in the modern world with grace and kindness

There are so many more ways to communicate than when we were kids.  With the growth of non face-to-face modes, we see more problems with people being unkind and/or unprofessional.  People will text or email things in a manner they would never use if they were talking to recipient on the phone or in person.  You see the same thing with the comments people leave on Facebook posts, in Tweets or on other social media sites.  The world is becoming a harsher, angrier place and some of it is due to the way we communicate.

We operate under the rule that we will never send anything out that we wouldn't be willing to say directly to someone's face.  We also take a moment to re-read anything received which appears to be offensive and consider whether we are misinterpreting the message.  It is easy to assume a nasty tone where perhaps none was meant.  This may mean having someone we trust read an email or text message and see what they think of the words.  This may mean holding off on a response until you can be sure it will not be charged with emotion.

As a result, we can assure ourselves that our communications, whether verbal or written, will be calm and professional at all times. It may take more effort, but we think it pays off.  In today's stressful world, it pays to take the time to not kill the messenger!

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