Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Sorry, things have been too busy around here!

No blogs in January for us as we were up to our knees in W2s, 1099s, sales tax filings, payroll tax filings and general closing of books for 2014.  It was a successful month for us but hectic and it required all of our management skills to get everything done.

How do we make sure forty-one business' get their books closed, paperwork filed and taxes paid on time with only three people?  We have a very detailed spreadsheet with each task listed and a specific person assigned to complete it.  We color code the tasks as they are started and then completed and add notes as needed.  This keeps us sane and provides backup should one of us fall ill and the others required to step in.

It also creates a timeline for planning the next time around.  We can go back and see what we had to do in the past, who handled it and what problems did we encounter.  As we consider whether we have the capacity to accept new clients, it is very nice to be able to look back at our busiest month of the year and determine if there is room for growth.

The end of January is always hectic and this year was no exception.  It was very satisfying to go through the spreadsheet on Friday afternoon and see that everything we were responsible for and in control of, was completed.

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