Tuesday, October 27, 2015

What departments do you wish your small business had?

If you worked for a large corporation and you had a legal question, you could contact the legal department and get the answer.  The same would be true of accounting questions or human resources.  Small businesses do not have the luxury of departments such as these although there are more and more outsourced options available to fill these needs.

As a small business owner, what department do you most wish you had?  I really wish we had an IT department.  I am not very tech savvy and it would be so nice to have someone to call when my Chrome starts acting weird or I can't get a program to load properly.  There are lots of computer and IT small businesses out there, but I have yet to find one who is really helpful with software related issues.

We provide outsourced accounting, bookkeeping, payroll, sales tax and CFO services and we know of firms who provide outsourced human resources services.  Legal services are always easy to locate although we recommend you look for an attorney with business experience.  There are plenty of tax accountants available to assist small business owners and we suggest you make sure the provider you select has experience with the type of business you are running.  Not all businesses are alike and if you are running a farm, you want a tax accountant who understands taxes for agriculture.  Marketing is another area which causes difficulties for small business owners.  Finding a firm who understands and operates within your budget is important.

There are ways to get the department you need for your small business but make sure to do your research and pick the right provider.

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