Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Thinking of starting a business in 2016?

Are you thinking of flexing your entrepreneurial muscles next year and starting a new business?  Here are the types of businesses you want to avoid according to The Hartford's Bizahead website:

  1. Office Supply 
  2. Frozen yogurt/ice cream shop
  3. Gift store
  4. Video rental
  5. Bookstore
  6. Taxi/limo service
  7. Social sites/search engines
  8. Travel agency
  9. Internet cafe
  10. Restaurant
The hottest industries to launch a business in:
  1. Food e-commerce
  2. Legal marijuana
  3. Agriculture software
  4. Relaxation beverages
  5. Public sector technology
  6. Yoga/pilates
  7. Fantasy sports services
  8. Software publishers
  9. Investigating and security services
Chose wisely if you are going to start a small business.  You need to have sufficient expertise as well as working capital and determination!

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