Thursday, August 6, 2009


Our local newspaper has an ongoing series in the business section about people in transition. That concept resonates with me as summer winds down and the fall begins. When Beth approached me with the proposition to combine our consulting practices, it was a perfect time to undertake such a project. My kids were both at a stable point in their lives with my daughter half-way through her senior year of high school and my son finishing up middle school. Stephanie had already been accepted into college so I could focus all my energies into starting up a new business. As a new school year approaches, I’m very glad I have work to keep me busy! My husband and I will be taking Stephanie to Madison on August 27th to begin her college years at UW-Madison. We know she will do well and have a great college experience, but we will miss her a great deal. My son will be starting high school this fall so he will also have plenty to keep him occupied so he won’t miss his sister as much. I’m not sure the dog is going to enjoy all these changes. He likes having the kids home in the summer and he definitely has not liked my working this much.

We seem to be entering a transition time in the economy as well. The S&P 500 went over a 1000 this week for the first time in nine months and the housing market is starting to stabilize in many key areas. It remains a good time for all business owners to keep reviewing their business plans, studying their financial statements and considering their options for the future so they will be ready to reap the benefits of a rebounding economy. Many people fear change, but when faced with new challenges and situations, its best to consider them an opportunity rather than am obstacle.


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