Monday, November 9, 2009

Stay Sane While Running Your Small Business

What do you need to keep sane while running your small business? Organization, routines, structures, priorities, and most important, a guiding mission. The key to getting all the work done in an efficient and effective manner is to set up the structure, steps and routines to keep you and your employees on track.

The key to making the process work is to become aware of your own personality and style. Organization techniques that work for your neighbor may not work for you because you each approach work and life in a different way. Some people are visual and need lists and reminders visible to keep them on track.

Once you figure out the ideal organizational structure for you and your employees consider all the tasks you need to accomplish in your business. Write them all down, no matter how small or insignificant they may seem. A little intimidating, isn’t it? Now you need to prioritize the tasks and figure out a timeline for each one. Some things will need to be done daily, others once a month and so on. You need to have prioritized first so if you run out of time at the end of a day, you’ll sleep at night knowing the most important jobs were completed.

How can you get all these tasks done and still have time for a personal life? Delegate where you can. Entrepreneurs are often unable to let others take charge. You can’t do it all so train your people well and let them work. Job descriptions and procedure manuals can help you insure that the works is done the way you need it to be. Try to be open to other ideas and other ways to get a job done. Your employee may have a great idea so hear him out. Make sure everyone understands why they are performing a task in a certain way. People are much more likely to remember how to do a job and to do it well if they understand why it is important and what the ultimate goal.

Don’t underestimate the importance of having a mission statement for your business and using it as you establish a structure, routine and processes for yourself and your employees. Creating a solid organization structure with good procedures, effective routines, clear priorities and a well defined mission will keep your business running smoothly and make the work environment more fun for everybody.

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