Monday, June 28, 2010

Where do we find entrepreneurs?

Beth and I were interviewed by a reporter for a local weekly paper recently and we were pleased by how well she captured our philosophy, our mission and our personalities. Yes, we’ve heard all the accountant jokes so it was nice that she tried to demonstrate that we do have a sense of humor! More importantly she wrote about our passion to help small businesses.

We strive to help people looking to start a business and those who are already in business. What we find when we are brought in to work with a small business that has been operating for a period of time, is that even if they have a great product or service, mistakes in running the operation can place them in a precarious spot. We are hoping the article will help us find more people at the start of their business lives rather than after they have run into problems.

So here is our question to all of you-how do we find these potential entrepreneurs and small business owners? We would like to help them start strong and avoid the common pitfalls so many micro businesses face. We want them to have financial information they can use to make decisions about pricing and advertising and hiring. We want them to know how to successfully interview and hire employees. We want them to manage their inventory and collect the money owed them for sales and services. So how do we find them?

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