Monday, May 9, 2011

Running your business with a proactive attitude

One of the seminars we are working on deals with how you can run your business more effectively if you approach life with a proactive attitude rather than always reacting.  Here are just a few topics to inspire your curiosity:

Develop short and long term plans, set up a budget, have goals and benchmarks to measure your planning and goal setting.

Write up job descriptions for employees and have regular job performance reviews.

Get expert help when you need it: accounting, IT, marketing are a few common areas where many business owners seek help.

Develop a good risk management policy.  Many small businesses are run with a very small staff and it is important to plan ahead and have procedures in place in the event someone else has to step in due to illness or injury.

This is just a start to the topic and we have many more areas to cover.  Any suggestions as to what else we should cover?

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