Thursday, September 15, 2011

My how time flies.....

It is the middle of September.  How did that happen, it was just summer!  In the flurry of end of summer activities and getting kids back to school, we didn't get this blog updated.  We realized that last post was 22 days ago and we were amazed that it had been that long.  We failed to follow our own protocol-normally we divvy up the task of writing the blog articles and then we put it on our calendar.  We have been pushing hard to get two business plans completed so our clients will be ready to open their new business and so we let some of our planning and procedures slide.  This, of course, let's all of you see that we are human and we do fail at times.  It also gives us a chance to reiterate how important it is for a business to plan and organize.  We will be sitting down today to assign the remaining weeks of this year and get the writing time on our calendars.  Do as we say and as we usually do!

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