Tuesday, October 4, 2011

What Do You Need to Do Before Year End?

Yes, we know it is only the beginning of October, but this is the time of year we like to get our clients starting to think about the end of the year.  Some procedures take time and others require setting up meetings so it is good to get a jump on the process.  This is the time to compare your actual results to your current budget.  This will give you some of the information you need as you create next year's budget.  Consider what the variances are and what caused them. After you get an understanding of where you are now, think about where you are going next year.  This is a good time to touch base with your major customers and find out that their plans are for the next year.  Do they anticipate purchasing the same amounts next year or more? Or less? Based on the results of these conversations, you will want to update your marketing plan.  This will help you set your milestones and metrics so you can achieve your sales goals. The next step is to create your budget for next year. A good budget is like a good map and it will help you navigate through the next year. 
You  also need to meet with your tax advisor. This is the perfect time for your advisor to see where you are so you have time to make decisions and adjustments before the end of the current year.
Getting these projects done now will allow you to concentrate on the end of this year and start 2012 with a bang!

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